LTC DCO Preliminary Meeting Part 1

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Preliminary Meeting 1 – Tues 6th June – Register by Procedural Deadline B (26 May)
Location: The Forge room, London Stadium, Stratford + Online via Microsoft Teams*
Registration process and seating at venue: From 9am
Start time: 10am
Attendees: Invited Parties who have pre-registered

Purpose: The purpose of the Preliminary Meeting is for the Examining Authority (ExA) to decide how the application will be examined and to hear your views on examination procedure.

The Preliminary Meeting is not an opportunity for you to give your views on the application. The merits of the application will only be considered once the Examination starts, which is after the Preliminary Meeting has closed.

FAQs v2 [PD-014] includes information about the purpose of, and preparation for, the Preliminary Meeting.

A note and recording of the meeting will be published under the Documents tab on the project webpage

Agenda (as per Annex A in the Rule 6 letter):
Item 1 – The ExA will join, welcome participants and lead introductions
Item 2 – The ExA’s remarks about the Examination process and following the Programming Meeting
Item 3 – The ExA’s remarks about written submissions received by Deadline B
Item 4 – Initial Assessment of Principal Issues – Annex B of Rule 6 letter
Item 5 – Draft Examination Timetable – Annex D of Rule 6 letter
Item 6 – Any other matters
Adjournment of the Preliminary Meeting

Notes: Preliminary Meeting will adjourn at end of part 1.  It will be closed on Tues 20 June either by way of a virtual event (Preliminary Meeting 2) or a written decision, as deemed appropriate by ExA.

If Deadline C submissions don’t justify the resumption of the Preliminary Meeting 2 ExA may close in writing without Part 2 taking place.  IPs should not rely on Part 2 to make oral reps about Examination procedure.



*If you do not have Microsoft Teams you can find out more about getting it for free here.