Community Impacts Consultation webinars

Highways England will be holding Community Impacts Consultation webinars where there will be LTC project team members explaining the proposals by area, and answering questions.  These webinars will include live captioning and a British Sign Language interpreter.

When are the webinars taking place?

The webinars will be by area:


The route south of the River Thames

Weds 28th July – 7pm-8pm

Thurs 2nd Sept – 7pm-8pm

To sign up for ‘The route South of the river’ webinarsclick here


The route north of the River Thames up to the A13

Mon 2nd Aug – 7pm-8pm

Weds 25th Aug – 7pm-8pm

To sign up for ‘The route North of the river up to the A13’ webinarsclick here


The route north of the A13

Tues 10th Aug – 7pm-8pm

Tues 17th Aug – 7pm-8pm

To sign up for ‘The route north of the A13’ webinarsclick here


Things to check when you register to attend

Be aware that when you register it is a good idea to use the system check option, and that you may also need to download and install an app/software to be able to access the webinar.  It’s a good idea to do all this a little way in advance of the webinar so you don’t miss the start of the webinar while you try to get it all sorted!


Advice for asking questions during the webinar

There is an option to submit questions to HE when you register.

Last time HE held webinars as part of the consultation you had to type your questions into the chat facility of the webinar portal.  If you have any questions before you go into the webinar you might want to type them up before the webinar so you can simply copy and paste them into the chat facility.  Saves you time and reduces the time you’re distracted away from the presentation typing questions!

Remember there could be a lot of other people attending the webinars and time for answering questions will be limited, so you may end up needing to email or phone HE to get the answers to your questions.  Bear in mind it can take a while for them to respond to email and phone questions, and they advise it can take up to 15 working days.


Can I attend or watch the Community Impacts Consultation webinars again?

Highways England released recordings of the webinars that took place in the last consultation, it appears they will do the same again this time around.  If and when they share any webinar recording we will share details here.