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This information is taken from the LTC DCO Rule 6 letter.

Programming Meeting

Date: Tuesday 16 May 2023

Virtual registration on the day from: 9:15am | Hearing starts: 10am

Where: This hearing will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams. Full instructions on how to join online or by telephone will be provided in advance to those who have pre-registered by Procedural Deadline A (23:45 on Friday 5 May 2023).
Attendees: Whilst anyone who wishes to attend can pre-register, this meeting is predominantly aimed at Local Authorities, in an attempt to discuss and assist the planning of the Examination before the Preliminary Meetings take place.


If you simply wish to observe the meeting, then you do not need to register as you will be able to watch a livestream of the event. A link to the livestream will be made available on the project webpage shortly before the event is scheduled to begin. You will also be able to watch the recording of the meeting which will be published on the project webpage shortly after the meeting has finished.


Purpose of the Programming Meeting
A Programming Meeting has been introduced in this case, aiming to reduce the time taken at the Preliminary Meeting by addressing specific issues about the resources required for and timing of local authority participation in the Examination and the preparation of Local Impact Reports, brought to the ExA’s attention by local authorities during the pre-examination period. By discussing these issues in a separate preparatory meeting, it is hoped to assist the efficient running of the Preliminary Meeting for all Interested Parties. This meeting is preparatory in nature. All relevant procedural decisions about how the application is to be examined will be taken at the Preliminary Meeting.


Item 1 – The ExA will join, welcome participants and lead introductions
Item 2 – The ExA’s remarks about the Examination process and preparation for the Preliminary Meeting
Item 3 – The ExA’s remarks about the written submissions received by Deadline A
Item 4 – Local Authority participation in the LTC Examination
– Key involvements
– Resource considerations
– Timing
Item 5 – Local Impact Report (LIR) preparation
– Key involvements
– Resource considerations
– Timing
Item 6 – Any other matters relevant to this agenda
– This item is confined to matters relating to the purposes of the meeting
– All other matters should be raised at the Preliminary Meeting in due course.
Closure of the Programming Meeting

The agenda for the Programming Meeting is at Annex C to the Rule 6 letter.

As with the Preliminary Meeting, this meeting is not an opportunity for you to give your views on the application/project. The ExA will limit the matters raised there to the agenda items and to clarification of procedural requests made by the local authorities.  This meeting is predominantly aimed at Local Authorities.


Written submissions about how the application should be examined
The Planning Act 2008 establishes a principally written process for the examination of applications for Development Consent Orders. Representations made in writing carry equal weight to oral representations at all stages of the process.

PINS are inviting written submissions from recipients of this letter about how the application should be examined.

For those wishing to participate in the Programming Meeting, we want to hear from you about:

  • arrangements that you need to make to participate in the Examination;
  • your preparation of a Local Impact Report; and
  • resourcing and timing considerations in relation to these matters.

You are invited to make a written submission on these matters by Procedural Deadline A (5 May 2023) (see Annex D to this letter).