LTC DCO Deadline 9 (D9)

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Deadline 9 (D9) – Mon 11th December 2023

Please note that PINS published an update to the LTC DCO Examination Timetable whereby D9 was bought forward to Mon 11th December 2023, and an additional D9A deadline was announced for Fri 15th December 2023.

This is the deadline for the following submissions:

  • Comments on responses to further ExQ (if applicable)
  • Final SoCGs
  • Final PADSs
  • Applicant’s final documents:
    – dDCO, with SI validation report
    – BoR and schedule of changes
    – Statement of Commonality
    – Status of Negotiations / CA schedule
    – Status of Negotiations with Statutory Undertakers
    – NPS tracker
    – Final signed and dated s106 agreement
  • Comments on Applicant’s submissions (see Annex F) at D8
  • Comments on any information requested by the ExA and received by D8
  • Any further information requested by the ExA under Rule 17 of the EPR


If you wish to make a written submission on any of the above, you should do so via the ‘Make a submission‘ page‘ by Deadline 9 (D9).



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