Transport Action Network take legal action

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We offer thanks and support as Transport Action Network (TAN) step up to make a legal challenge against the Government and it’s £27bn road-building programme, which includes the proposed Lower Thames Crossing.

We were lucky enough to be invited to take part in a TAN workshop in Nov 2019, where we met lots of other similarly minded groups and individuals from all over the South East.  The TAN have been very helpful and supportive of Thames Crossing Action Group, and as part of their network we are delighted to support this legal challenge.

Some of you will remember earlier in the year when the Heathrow Expansion case was won on environmental grounds. You can read more about that, and the speculation and questioning back then as to whether anything similar could be challenged in regard to roads, on our website –

Now the same legal firm from that case, Leigh Day, are representing Transport Action Network in their legal challenge!

Transport Action Network need help to raise a minimum of £38k they need to cover the greatly reduced legal costs to launch a judicial review of the DfT’s decision to plough on with the £27bn road-building programme despite the climate emergency.


Now more than ever the decision to move forward with the £27bn road-building programme needs to be reviewed. Even the President of the AA has been questioning if the money could be better spent –  The head of the Climate Change Committee has similar views too –


How can we help?

We know that we’re all living in unprecedented times, and it’s a tricky time to be asking for financial support, but as we are always saying together we are stronger, and every pound counts and soon adds up.

So if you can please help towards to legal costs by pledging to the cause –


Update – As of Monday May 12th 2020 nearly £33k has been pledged, and there are just 9 days to go!  Please help if you can!




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