Supplementary Consultation 2020 step by step

We know you’ve all been asking for any help and advice we can give on responding to the 2020 LTC Supplementary Consultation, so here’s a step by step!

We apologise that it has taken a while to get this published, Highways England have been very slow on providing us with answers to many of our questions.  We don’t want to delay on publishing the ‘step by step’ any longer, so we will publish any additional updates for anything else we are able to find out before the end of consultation in a special list which you can view here for quick and easy access – STEP BY STEP UPDATES

Please do keep an eye on that page for any new info, as you may wish to consider it when responding yourself. You may wish to start preparing your response in a Word doc or similar, allowing you time to add bits as you go along,  and then copy and paste our own comments into the response form, or send it as a letter/email when you are happy you have considered everything you wish to comment on. Remember you can send additional responses, if there’s anything you think of after submitting your response!

Your comments in your words please!

Please do help us out when you respond to the consultation and do NOT copy and paste anything from our website and social media posts, please put your own comments in your own words.  The reason we ask you to please do this is because back in 2016 there were some template letters created to help those that were asking for assistance with responding to the consultation. Highways England lumped together 13,000 of these responses and counted them as one campaign response.  They have done it before and they will do it again, so we need to be sure not to give them that opportunity.  Imagine if all 13,000 of those responses back in 2016 had been considered 13,000 individual responses.  That would have been an extra 12,999 responses opposing the LTC back then. But we can’t go back we can only go forward so let’s make sure every response counts by everyone ensuring their response is in their own words so it will be counted as an individual response!

How to respond

If you choose to respond using the official consultation response form please bear in mind that HE have designed the form to get the answers/feedback they want, you can also give them the info/feedback of what you want to give them too!  Use the comments boxes on each question.  If you need more space, add paper or doc, simply quoting which question you are answering.

Remember the consultation form is not the only way to respond to the Supplementary Consultation!  You can respond in any of the following ways:

  • You can use the online response form –
  • If you have a paper copy of the response form, or just wish to send comments, or a letter in response to the consultation you can do so by sending it to FREEPOST LTC CONSULTATION this is the only text needed on the envelope and no stamp is required.
    Postal responses will be accepted as long as they are postmarked no later than 26th of March 3rd of April.
  • You can email your comments, letter, response to LTC.CONSULTATION@TRAVERSE.LTD.
  • HE also state that you can hand your paper response form in at one of their public information events, although knowing how busy they can get at these things, and the fact the staff are clearly on the road, you may prefer one of the options above!

Please do only use one of the official channels above to respond.  HE will not guarantee that responses to any other address or email will be included in their analysis.

Remember we now have until 23:59 on Thurs 2nd April 2020.

Who can take part?

Remember anyone can respond to the consultation.

  • You don’t have to live locally to the impacted area of LTC. HE will not be actively promoting the consultation and info about the changes other than in the areas most directly affected by the changes, but anyone from literally anywhere can still take part if they wish!
  • Children can take part with parent/guardians permission.  If they prefer to draw their response an adult can give a brief interpretation if needs be to help analysis!
  • It is not limited to one per household, everyone can take part.
  • Businesses, school, forums, clubs, organisations etc and take part as well as individuals.
  • You can take part anonymously if you wish
  • You can send more than one response, if you have already responded and now have more to say then please respond again!
What can I do about any issues I’ve had in taking part or understanding the Supplementary Consultation and the materials/documents?

Tell them about any issues you have encountered during consultation, this is super important.

  • If you had issues with the info events – tell them in as much detail as poss
  • If you feel a member of the HE/LTC team didn’t give you the info you needed or the correct info – tell them
  • If you struggled to get the info you wanted – tell them in as much detail as poss
  • If you experienced delays or issues when emailing for answers/further info – tell them
  • If you were unable to get answers to questions you had to be able to respond adequately – tell them
  • If you thought the out of date misleading info on the official HE/LTC website was bad – tell them
  • If you came across any mistakes in the consultation documents, maps, materials – tell them
  • If you don’t think the consultation had clear and informative materials – tell them
  • If you don’t think the consultation was adequate – tell them

HE have a legal obligation to consult us adequately using clear and informative materials.  They will not want the Planning Inspectorate hearing from people who feel they did not have adequate consultation in the run up to the Development Consent Order application being submitted and the Examination.  Now is our chance to give our opinions and provide any evidence of the lack of adequate consultation.  If enough of us comment and provide lots of info about the inadequacies HE may choose or even be forced to have to re-run the consultation again in an adequate manner.

We have started the ball rolling already with an official complaint to the CEO of Highways England about the inadequacies of the official HE/LTC website, please read if you haven’t already! –

This is a very real thing, and whilst some will tell you it is not an easy task as the bar is set very low for HE/LTC, our campaign friends down in West Sussex have just finished yet another consultation on the A27 Arundel Bypass scheme because HE failed to consult adequately.  After the first inadequate consultation a second was run, that also was inadequate, so they had a third one which has just finished, that too had inadequacies, and campaigners are waiting to find out what will happen next!  So please please do have your say and do comment on the inadequacies of the consultation, it could really help us!

To be clear it won’t actually stop the LTC, but if the consultation is re-run adequately and with clear and informative materials it will allow everyone to be able to fully understand exactly what we are being consulted on, so that we can all have our chance to have our say based on fact.  It will also slow HE/LTC down allowing more time for the Government to work out their plan regarding things like whether to enshrine World Health Organisation levels for PM2.5 into UK law.  We know the whole LTC route will fail against WHO standards on PM2.5, one of HE’s own appointed experts has stated this!  Find out more about that –

Where to begin

This ‘step by step’ will guide you through responding to the consultation and things you may like to consider when responding.  We will go literally ‘step by step’ following each section of the official response form from start to finish.  If you prefer to send you own comments/email/letter rather than using the response form you may also find it helpful and interesting to read through to see the kind of things we suggest you may wish to consider when responding.

We hope this ‘step by step’ is helpful, please remember to use your own words, and that this is not a definitive guide there may be other things that you wish to comment about that we haven’t covered.

Step by step

Click through in order, or to whichever part you wish to view.

Questions 1a and 1b – South of the river in Kent

Questions 1c and 1d – Previously proposed Tilbury junction

Questions 1e and 1f – A13/A1089 junction

Questions 1g and 1h – Lower Thames Crossing and its junction with the M25

Questions 1i and 1j – M25 junction 29

Questions 2a and 2b – Revised development boundary

Questions 3a and 3b – Walkers, cyclists and horse riders

Questions 4a and 4b – Environmental impacts and how we plan to reduce them

Questions 5a and 5b – Building the Lower Thames Crossing

Questions 6a and 6b – Utilities

Questions 7a and 7b – Using the crossing

Question 8 – Other Comments

Questions 9a, 9b,9c, 9d, and 9e – The consultation

The other sections – Indentification questions and Equality and Diversity are not compulsory, fill in what you wish if you wish!


Remember to ensure you use one of the official channels to submit your Lower Thames Crossing Supplementary Consultation response by 23:59 on Wednesday 25th March 2020 Thursday 2nd April 2020.