Supplementary Consultation 2020 Questions 1g and 1h

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Lower Thames Crossing and its junction with the M25

Question 1g. Do you support or oppose the proposed changes in the area around the Lower Thames Crossing and its changes in the area around the Lower Thames Crossing and its junction with the M25?

  • Here you have a choice to select from Strongly Support to Strongly Oppose

Question 1h. Please let HE know the reasons for your response to Q1g and any other comments you have on the proposed changes in the area around the Lower Thames Crossing and its junction with the M25.

You may want to ask yourself (in no particular order):

  • Do you think that the LTC/M25 junction and M25 Junction 29 should be considered one large and stretched out junction, since you can only access the A127 from the M25 heading northbound from the M25/LTC junction?
  • Was it clear to you how this junction works, and how it connects to the A127 (junction 29)?
  • What do you think about the new parallel road that runs up the side of the M25 between the LTC and the A127 (junction 29)?
  • Do you feel it is acceptable to only have 2 lanes southbound between the M25 and just past the A13? Will it cause problems when there is an incident and 5 lanes of M25 traffic try to migrate to just 2 lanes on the LTC south?  Will this not cause a huge bottleneck effect that will result in traffic trying to cut along the A127 and A12 onto the A128 and then having to take the Stanford Detour?
    (see –
  • Are you confused by the fact page 69 in the Consultation Guide states that the total length of viaducts in the Mardyke valley area (Mardyke River, Golden Bridge Sewer, and Orsett Fen Sewer) will increase by approx 50m, yet page 71 states that the viaduct across the Mardyke River and Golden Bridge Sewer river has been shortened by approx 100m?
    NB. We have emailed HE about this and will share any update we receive in response asap
  • Have you considered whether the land where Thames Chase is located could have been environmental mitigation land for the M25? We have no evidence of this to date, but have approached Forestry England who own the land for a response!
  • Does it concern you that if LTC goes ahead the proposed new Solar Farms in South Ockendon would be impacted and may not be able to go ahead?
  • If any of the proposed Solar Farms in South Ockendon are still able to go ahead, do you have any concerns about glare from the solar panels dazzling drivers at certain times of the day at certain times of the year? Is the way the route bends around and changes elevation  in locations near to the proposed Solar Farms add to the risk of glare from solar panels at all?  Since the Solar Farms are generating electricity and would be so close to the road which will create flood concerns, does this bring extra risk and concern?
  • How do you feel about The Wilderness being impacted by this section of the LTC route? Is it acceptable to risk mature elm trees, bat habitat, including for some rare bats, and an ancient woodland/site that dates back about 400 years?

These are not the only things you can comment on, if you think of anything else you feel is relevant and you wish to share, put it in!

Remember any updates we publish after this will be listed in STEP BY STEP UPDATES for quick reference if you wish to review and add further comments!  We just haven’t managed to get answers of some stuff still!

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The other sections – Indentification questions and Equality and Diversity are not compulsory, fill in what you wish if you wish!

Remember to ensure you use one of the official channels to submit your Lower Thames Crossing Supplementary Consultation response by 23:59 on Wednesday 25th March 2020 Thursday 2nd April 2020.