Supplementary Consultation 2020 Questions 1e and 1f

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A13/A1089 junction

Question 1e. Do you support or oppose the proposed changes in the area around the A13/A1089 junction?

  • Here you have a choice to select from Strongly Support to Strongly Oppose

Question 1f. Please let HE know the reasons for your response to Q1e and any other comments you have on the proposed changes in the area around the A13/A1089 junction.

You may want to ask yourself (in no particular order):

  • Do you feel that there are adequate connections to the existing road network (ie A13, A1089, and Orsett Cock junction including A1013 (old A13) and A128) during normal operation?
    (see –
  • Do you feel having a 2 lane bottleneck section along the A13 is satisfactory?
    (see –
  • Considering the A13 widening project has been all about making the A13 from the M25 through to the Stanford junction 3 lanes in both directions, how do you feel that if LTC goes ahead there will be a section around the Orsett Cock that drops to 2 lanes?
  • Is the fact some traffic will have to detour to Stanford junction on the A13, using the Manorway roundabout, acceptable?
  • Do you feel there are adequate connections to the exisiting road network when there is an incident at either crossing, if LTC goes ahead!?
  • Is it acceptable to move the route to the south of the A13 and east of Chadwell approx 60m closer to Linford to avoid moving overhead cables and pylons? Does this sound like cost cutting, since moving utilities is expensive? Do you think this is to improve the Benefit Cost Ratio of the LTC scheme, at the cost to Linford residents wellbeing?
    (see page 53/136 – Supplementary Consultation Guide)
  • Are you happy they are permanently closing part of Hornsby Lane?  Again to avoid having to move some overhead lines, bearing in mind this again saves them money, and improves their Benefit Cost Ratio)
    (see page 53/136 – Supplementary Consultation Guide)
  • Are you happy with how close Treetops School and new academy that is being built in that area will be to the proposed route?
  • Do you feel that the proposed alternative sites for the residents at Gammonfields Travellers site are acceptable? Residents on the site are being offered two alternative locations, one site is trapped between the LTC and electricity pylons, the other is closer to homes in Stifford Clays, which neither traveller site residents or house residents are keen on, residents from the traveller’s site prefer to keep themselves to themselves.
  • Is it right that other homes are under threat including Grade 2 listed properties?
    (see – Envrionmental Constraints Map)
  • Is it right that The Whitecroft care home that gives specialist care for up to 56 elderly and dementia care residents will be surrounded by LTC and LTC connecting roads?
  • Are you happy about the realignment of Baker Street and Heath Road connections to the A1023 (old A13)?
  • Do you feel it is acceptable to have such large and complex sections of the LTC connecting roads so close to residential areas, and so high?
  • Are you puzzled by the connecting LTC roads, how long they are, how high they are, if they have Emergency Refuge Areas, or anything else?

These are not the only things you can comment on, if you think of anything else you feel is relevant and you wish to share, put it in!

Remember any updates we publish after this will be listed in STEP BY STEP UPDATES for quick reference if you wish to review and add further comments!  We just haven’t managed to get answers of some stuff still!

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