Public can attend LTC Task Force Meetings

Public can attend LTC Task Force Meeting

Apologies for the late notice, as the next Lower Thames Crossing Task Force Meeting is this evening (Mon 16 Oct) at 6pm, but we have just found out that the public can attend LTC Task Force Meetings.

We questioned Cllr Peter Smith after reviewing the Agenda for the meeting and noticing that there was a document Administrative Information Committees that states:

Members of the public can attend all meetings of the council and its committees and
have the right to see the agenda, which will be published no later than 5 working days
before the meeting, and minutes once they are published.

We clarified this via email with Cllr Smith who has confirmed it to be true:

Yes, it’s a public meeting therefore you can attend and sit in the public area. Regarding any questions you may want addressed there is a process whereby you can formally submit a question three days prior to meeting or alternatively ask one of the three public representatives to ask on your behalf.

Details of tonight’s and future meetings can be found here on the Council’s website.

For info on the first Task Force Meeting visit –