LTC Consultation – Your Response

LTC Consultation – Your View – An Overview

We know some of you have asked for some guidance with your consultation responses.  You need to complete your response yourself, with your feedback and opinions in your own words.  So what we have done is outlined some things to ask yourself when submitting your response.

If you choose to respond using the official consultation response form please bear in mind that HE have designed the form to get the answers/feedback they want.  Remember you can also give them the info/feedback of what you want to give them too!  Use the comments boxes on each question.  If you need more space, add paper or doc, simply quoting which question you are answering.

Remember this consultation is specifically about the proposed Lower Thames Crossing as detailed in the consultation documents, it is not about any new crossing in general.

You don’t have to use the official response forms, you can write or email your own free comments as you wish.  Just make sure to submit them by the officially accepted channels.  You can find more info on completing your response here – which also lists the official channels to respond to.

Please only use the following response channels.  Highways England cannot guarantee that response sent to any other address will be included in their analysis.

Please DO NOT copy and paste any content on our website (or anywhere else for that matter!).  In 2016 HE lumped together 13,000 responses as 1 response as they considered them to be an organised group response as they used a template with a free comments box.  We do NOT want a repeat of that this time around, and they have warned us they will do the same again if they consider responses to be organised responses.  This is the reason we cannot help you more with what to say, it has to be your opinions in your words.  We know it’s daunting, especially with such limited time, and unprecedented amounts of documentation supporting the consultation.  Hence we have put together the following to remind you of things you may wish to consider and comment on!

Remember anyone can respond to the consultation.

  • You don’t have to live locally to the impacted area of LTC. DartCharge have emailed their entire database including those in mainland Europe.  If you have an opinion please share it in your response!
  • Children can take part with parents permission.  If they prefer to draw their response an adult can give a brief interpretation if needs be to help analysis!
  • It is not limited to one per household, everyone can take part.
  • Businesses, school, forums, clubs, organisations etc and take part as well as individuals.
  • You can take part anonymously if you wish

Tell them about any issues you have encountered during consultation.

  • If you had issues with the info events – tell them in as much detail as poss
  • If you struggled to get the info you wanted – tell them in as much detail as poss
  • If you experienced delays or issues when emailing for answers/further info – tell them
  • If you don’t think the consultation was long enough with the unprecedented amounts of documents – tell them!
  • If you were unable to get answers to questions you had to be able to respond adequately – tell them


Ready to Start?  Grab your paper copy of the response form, a pen, (and some extra bits of paper!) or open up a new tab in your browser and click through to the online response form  –


Onto Question 1 >>>>>


If you have already submitted your response and you think of something else you want to add, just submit your additional comments/feedback via email or mail.  We have checked with HE and this is acceptable.

  • Freepost – Send comments to: FREEPOST LTC CONSULTATION
    (The freepost address is the only text needed on the envelope, and no stamp is required) 
  • Email – Email your comments to:

Please do not send to any other address or email, as they may not be included as consultation responses


As well as the official info on the Highways England website which you can find here –

You may also find the following helpful too:

Along with this for the south of the river


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