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Question 6 – Environmental impacts and how HE plan to reduce them
Q6a. Do you agree or disagree with the proposed measures to reduce the impacts of the project?

Do you agree with creating a Toxic Triangle?

Do you feel it is worth all the damage and destruction?

Q6b. Please let us know the reasons for your responses to Q6a and any other views you have on the environmental impacts of the Lower Thames Crossing as set out in the Preliminary Environmental Report, including their approach to assessing and reducing the impacts of the project.

As there are already illegally high levels of air pollution in areas impacted by LTC, do you think LTC will make it better or worse?

How can HE (in their Preliminary Environmental Information Report) state in one paragraph that there are no illegally high levels of air pollution, yet further down the page state that there were areas that have got illegally high levels of air pollution?

Is the 600m boundary to show noise impacts adequate?  What happens outside those boundaries, especially in areas that are red to the edge of the boundaries?

Why isn’t there a Preliminary Health Impact Report?  Why are the Health Impacts incorporated to the PEIR when we are supposed to be getting a separate Health Impact Report?

How can they offer adequate mitigation for the 24/7 service area?

Do you have concerns about contaminated spoil?

Are you reassured that HE will investigate and handle potentially contaminated spoil safely and without risk to anyone?

What will the impacts of road surface water on agricultural land (including Grade 1 listed land) be?  Are you happy about this?  Is it acceptable?

Do you have concerns about road surface water causing flooding?

How much tyre rubber and other pollutants and contaminates will end up in agricultural land (inc Grade 1)?  Are you happy about this?  Is it acceptable?

Do you have concerns on air, noise, light, vibration impacts and pollution along the whole or any part of the route and surrounding areas?

Have you got concerns over the impacts to the environment, habitats, and wildlife?

Are you concerned over the damage and destruction to and of forests and greenbelt?

Is it acceptable that HE have taken an extra 68% of land since the Environmental Scoping Report was carried out?  Should they do another one?

Do you have concerns on the impacts of LTC to people’s physical and mental health and well being before, during, and after LTC opens (if it opens)?

After witnessing how much litter is always along the A1089 (a road HE is responsible for), do you have concerns over litter impacts on and around the LTC and connecting roads?

Do you think it is wise to build a road through the fens for instance where high winds and fog are renowned? Do you have any questions or concerns over the impacts the weather will have on the road?

What is the price on our health and well being?  Why do HE keep saying that it costs too much for cut and cover?


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