LTC Consultation – Your Response – Question 2

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As outlined in those posts there is also info on the official HE website and on our website.

Please DO NOT copy and paste any content on our website (or anywhere else for that matter!) into your consultation response.  In 2016 HE lumped together 13,000 responses as 1 response as they considered them to be an organised group response as they used a template with a free comments box.  We do NOT want a repeat of that this time around, and they have warned us they will do the same again if they consider responses to be organised responses.

Question 2 – HE’s preferred route for the Lower Thames Crossing
Q2a. Do you support or oppose HE’s selection of the preferred route for the Lower Thames Crossing?
  • Here you have a choice to select from Strongly Support to Strongly Oppose

This question is about the whole LTC route as outlined in the consultation

Consider if you feel there are better alternatives

Ask yourself if you believe the Lower Thames Crossing will solve the issues at the Dartford Crossing


Q2b. Do you support or oppose the changes HE have made to the route since their preferred route announcement in 2017?
  • Here you have a choice to select from Strongly Support to Strongly Oppose

The changes are as follows:

South of the river

  • M2 and A2 widened through junction 1 of M2 to provide 4 lanes.  Extra lanes on A2 to provide connections to A289 and old A2
  • A2 redesigned junction to make journeys faster
  • A226 junction removed from proposal following feedback from 2016 consultation

North of the river

  • Tilbury Junction Tilbury link road removed and Rest and service area, and maintenance depot added
  • Route between Tilbury and A13 moved 80 metres east away from properties in Chadwell St Mary
  • A13 Junction modified LTC to A13 eastbound
  • A13 westbound to the LTC
  • A1089 to the LTC
  • Rectory Rd, Orsett bridge closed/removed, new replacement road and bridge through middle of Orsett Showground.
  • Mardyke crossing previously embankment now road runs along a viaduct and embankment
  • Ockendon altered route to avoid landfill site
  • M25 Junction changed visual impact
  • M25 corridor and M25 junction 29 widened section of motorway

Do you consider these to be improvements?  If not why?


Q2c. Please let HE know the reasons for your responses to Q2a-Q2b and any other views you have on their selection of a preferred route for the Lower Thames Crossing

Outline what your preferred route would be. Tell them why.

Tell them what’s wrong with their route option.

Tell them your concerns about environmental impacts (air, noise, light, vibration pollution)

Tell them your concerns over damage and destruction of greenbelt, agricultural land (inc Grade 1 listed), forests, wildlife and habitats etc

Tell them your concerns over how it will impact communities and homes.

Do you think it will solve the problems we all suffer due to the Dartford Crossing?

Do you think the Dartford Crossing will be relieved enough not to be congested, considering HE figures show it will still be over capacity?

Are you concerned it creates a toxic triangle?  Tell them why.

Would it be better to make more use of rail or shipping, instead of building a new road crossing?


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If you have already submitted your response and you think of something else you want to add, just submit your additional comments/feedback via email or mail.  We have checked with HE and this is acceptable.

  • Freepost – Send comments to: FREEPOST LTC CONSULTATION
    (The freepost address is the only text needed on the envelope, and no stamp is required) 
  • Email – Email your comments to:

Please do not send to any other address or email, as they may not be included as consultation responses


As well as the official info on the Highways England website which you can find here –

You may also find the following helpful too:

Along with this for the south of the river


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