LTC Consultation – Your Response – Question 14

Before reading this post please consider reading Statutory Consultation and LTC Consultation – Your Response if you haven’t already!

As outlined in those posts there is also info on the official HE website and on our website.

Please DO NOT copy and paste any content on our website (or anywhere else for that matter!) into your consultation response.  In 2016 HE lumped together 13,000 responses as 1 response as they considered them to be an organised group response as they used a template with a free comments box.  We do NOT want a repeat of that this time around, and they have warned us they will do the same again if they consider responses to be organised responses.

Question 14 – The consultation
  • Please let HE know what you think about the quality of their consultation materials, their events, the way in which they have notified people about their plans, and everything else related to this consultation.
Q14a. Information – was the information clear and easy to understand?
  • Here you have a choice to select from Very Good to Very Poor

Think about how easy you found it to find and understand the information provided

What did you think about how much information there was?  Do you feel you have had long enough to read and understand the unprecedented amounts of info provided?

How easy was it to find the info online and offline?

Were you aware of where you could access the info offline?

Were there adequate supplies of consultation guides, forms and response envelopes at the info and deposit locations?

Do you think the info was presented in a way that was easy enough to understand?

Were there legends (keys) on all the maps and charts that you looked at that explained things clearly?

Did you notice any mistakes in the information?

Was it easy enough to identify what you were viewing on the HE route video?  Was it a clear and good representation?

Did maps show easy and clear enough info and detail?

Did you find it confusing that the orientation of maps seemed to change through the map books?

Did you find any contradictory statements?

Were the deposit locations open at times which were convenient for material to be collected?

If you emailed a question to HE did you get an adequate answer from them, and was it in time to complete the consultation form?

Were you able to get consultation response forms from the information points near you or were the times not convenient because you work?


Q14b Events – were the events of good quality?
  • Here you have a choice to select from Very Good to Very Poor

Remember, this includes the full info events, mobile van info events, and awareness events.  Click here for a list of all the events for your reference

Do you think the events were good quality?

Did you find the info you needed and wanted at the events?

Were the event staff knowledgeable and helpful?

Were there any issues with any of the events?

Did staff have the correct resources, maps, info etc?

Did you have confidence that the HE staff knew what they were talking about, including their knowledge of the local area?

Was it easy enough to identify/find the right expert (member of HE staff) to talk to at the events?

Did you have to wait a long time to get into the events, or to talk to a member of the HE team?

Were the times that the events were open suitable?

If HE could not answer your questions at the event what did you do to get answers?


Q14c Events – were the events suitable located?
  • Here you have a choice to select from Very Good to Very Poor

Remember, this includes the full info events, mobile van info events, and awareness events.  Click here for a list of all the events for your reference

Are you happy with where the events were held?

Do you think they were good locations to hold events?

Did you feel safe in the locations of the events?

Were the areas that are most impacted given satisfactory events?

Do you question why any of the event locations were chosen?

Were the events where you expected them to be?

Were there any events that you didn’t expect to see in the list of events?

Was their adequate parking or access to the events?

Was there adequate provision for disabled entry to the events?

Was there adequate provision for those with disabilities such as deaf and blind residents to obtain the info they wanted? (British Sign Language, Braille etc)

Did you or anybody you know, get caught up, hoping to attend an event, but couldn’t because of incidents on A13 and A127 on the same day as the Orsett Hall event, and an incident on A127 the same day as the West Horndon event, or any other event because local roads were completely blocked?


Q14d. Promotion – was the consultation promoted well and to the right people?
  • Here you have a choice to select from Very Good to Very Poor

Think about how you knew the consultation was running

Did you find out about the consultation through an official HE promotion, or someone/somewhere else?

Did you expect it to be promoted somewhere or in some way that it wasn’t?

Do you feel everyone was given an opportunity to know about and take part in the consultation?

Were the deaf and blind communities included and given adequate info and assistance?

Were those that are not online informed well enough about the consultation?



Q14e. Please let HE know the reasons for your response to Q14a-Q14d and any other views you have on the delivery of this consultation.
  • Use the comment box to provide HE will as much feedback, opinions, comments as you can.

Consider your answers to all the things you considered when answering the previous questions in Q14 (see above)!


As you move of past Question 14, you will get to Identification questions.  Remember you can respond anonymously if you wish. Then there is an Equality and diversity section.

After that you can click through to submit the response online, or pop your completed response form (along with all your supporting papers!) into the Freepost envelope (or an envelope with the Freepost address written on) and get it in the post.

Remember HE have said the following:
“We will be accepting postal consultation responses that have a postmark date up to and including 21 December. That means that should someone only post their response late in the evening on 20 December, and the letter not be postmarked until the following day, it would still be considered a valid consultation response.”


Well done you made it through the LTC Statutory Consultation!!


If you have already submitted your response and you think of something else you want to add, just submit your additional comments/feedback via email or mail.  We have checked with HE and this is acceptable.

  • Freepost – Send comments to: FREEPOST LTC CONSULTATION
    (The freepost address is the only text needed on the envelope, and no stamp is required) 
  • Email – Email your comments to:

Please do not send to any other address or email, as they may not be included as consultation responses


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