LTC Consultation – Your Response – Question 11

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Question 11 – Building the Lower Thames Crossing
  • HE have described their initial plans on how to build the Lower Thames Crossing in Section 7 of Your guide to consultation, and also Approach to Design, Construction and Operation.  This includes their proposed working hours and tunneling methods, their plans for temporary road closures and traffic management, and the proposed location of construction compounds.
Q11a. Do you support or oppose their initial plans for how to build the Lower Thames Crossing?
  • Here you have a choice to select from Strongly Support to Strongly Oppose

This question is relates to the whole LTC route as outlined in the consultation

Should construction sites be situated away from residential areas?

Q11b. Please let them know the reasons for your response to Q11a and any other views you have on their initial plans on how to build the Lower Thames Crossing.

Use the comments box to tell them anything and everything you want!

Should construction sites be situated away from residential areas?

Are you familiar with where all the construction compounds will be? Do you feel they have provided enough info about where they will be and what they will like, and the impacts they will have on you and others?


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As well as the official info on the Highways England website which you can find here –

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