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Question 10 – Charges for using the crossing
  • Their proposal is to charge drivers to use the tunnel with a free-flow e-charging system, in line with the Dart Charge at the Dartford Crossing.  We are also considering other aspects of their charging proposal, such as charging amounts, the application of peak charges and emission-based charging to manage traffic.  They are proposing to seek flexibility over the charging scheme for the Lower Thames Crossing. For a description of their approach to charging users of the crossing, please refer to Section 8 of Your guide to consultation, and also Case for the Project and  Approach to Design, Construction and Operation.
  • Please give them your views on their proposed approach to charging users of the crossing.


Do you feel there should be a charge for using the crossing?

What do you feel about the charges and charging methods at the Dartford Crossing, if this could be similar?

Do you think you should be able to use the same account regardless of which crossing you use? ie a joint account.

Who will benefit from the money collected on these charges?

What impact would emission-based charging have on you and others?

Do you think there should be a peak and off peak charge?

Do you think there should be times when you can cross for free?

Will foreign drivers be charged and fined for not paying?  Will they actually collect these payments from foreign drivers?

Will there be local resident discounts, similar to those for the Dartford Crossing?

As they will get their outlay money back, shouldn’t they ensure that the healthiest route is constructed regardless of cost?


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