LTC Consultation – Your Response – Question 1

Before reading this post please consider reading Statutory Consultation and LTC Consultation – Your Response if you haven’t already!

As outlined in those posts there is also info on the official HE website and on our website.

Please DO NOT copy and paste any content on our website (or anywhere else for that matter!) into your consultation response.  In 2016 HE lumped together 13,000 responses as 1 response as they considered them to be an organised group response as they used a template with a free comments box.  We do NOT want a repeat of that this time around, and they have warned us they will do the same again if they consider responses to be organised responses.

Question 1 – The need for the Lower Thames Crossing
Q1a. Do you agree or disagree that the Lower Thames Crossing is needed?
  • Here you have a choice to select from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree

Please bear in mind that this question is asking specifically about the proposed Lower Thames Crossing outlined in the consultation, not a new crossing in general.  There is a big difference!

Q1b. Please let HE know the reasons for your response to Q1a and any other views you have on the case for the Lower Thames Crossing

You may want to ask yourself:

  • Is there a need for the Lower Thames Crossing? Give reasons
  • Is there a need for any new crossing? Give reasons
  • Is the LTC the right crossing in the right place? Give reasons
  • Are there any better alternative routes? Give details
  • Are there any better alternatives, such as rail, shipping etc? Give details
  • Do you think LTC solves the problems we all suffer with due to the Dartford Crossing?  Give reasons and details
  • What alternative would you like to see instead and why? Give details
  • Why do or don’t you think there is a need for the LTC or another crossing? Give details
  • Do you think LTC will bring more new traffic into the area?  Give reasons why this is not good.
  • Would there be a need for another crossing if they sorted out the problems at Dartford?

These are not the only things you can comment on, if you think of anything else you feel is relevant and you wish to share, put it in!

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If you have already submitted your response and you think of something else you want to add, just submit your additional comments/feedback via email or mail.  We have checked with HE and this is acceptable.

  • Freepost – Send comments to: FREEPOST LTC CONSULTATION
    (The freepost address is the only text needed on the envelope, and no stamp is required) 
  • Email – Email your comments to:

Please do not send to any other address or email, as they may not be included as consultation responses


As well as the official info on the Highways England website which you can find here –

You may also find the following helpful too:

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