Design Consultation 2020 Questions 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d, 5e, and 5f

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The consultation

Question 5a. Was the information presented clearly and was it easy to understand?

  • Here you have a choice to select from Very good to Very poor or Not Applicable

Question 5b. Was the online exhibition easy to navigate?

  • Here you have a choice to select from Very good to Very poor or Not Applicable

Question 5c. Were the online webinars useful for understanding the latest proposals?

  • Here you have a choice to select from Very good to Very poor or Not Applicable

Question 5d. Did the telephone surgery answer your questions about the latest proposals?

  • Here you have a choice to select from Very good to Very poor or Not Applicable

Question 5e. Was the consultation promoted well and to the right people?

  • Here you have a choice to select from Very good to Very poor or Not Applicable

Question 5f. Please let HE know the reasons for your response to Q9a-Q9e and any other comments  you have on the delivery of this consultation.

You may want to ask yourself (in no particular order):

  • Do you think it was right of them to hold a consultation during the COVID-19 crisis?
  • Did you find it hard to understand things and get answers without the usual consultation events?
  • If you used the telephone surgery option did you get the callback on time?  Did you get the answers to your questions?  Did they explain things clearly and informatively?
  • Is it acceptable that if you need to phone to ask anything that it is not a freephone number to call?
  • Did you get a leaflet through the door telling you about the Design Refinement Consultation?
  • Is is acceptable that these leaflets were only sent to properties within 2km (1.2 miles) from the development boundary?
  • How well do you feel HE promoted the Design Refinement Consultation? Did you hear/see any advertising/promotion of the consultation?
  • Would you have known about the Design Refinement without hearing about it from Thames Crossing Action Group, social media, friends, family, any other sources other than HE?
  • Do you think the consultation materials, guide, maps etc where clear and informative? Did they have enough info about what you needed and wanted to know?
  • Was there anything in the consultation you found confusing or misleading?
  • Did you visit the official HE/LTC website if so did you find the misleading out of date content a problem?
  • Did you find it easy to understand the height and scale of the LTC using the available consultation materials?
  • Would physical 3D models of the route, or parts of the route ie junctions, have made it easier to understand?
  • Did you request any info or materials from HE during the consultation period? If so did it arrive promptly?  Did you have any issues having materials sent to you?
  • Do you think the maps sent in the consultation packs were easy to view and gave enough detail?
  • Were you aware that you could request a copy of the Environmental Impacts Report?  Do you think since Questions 3a and 3b were specifically about the environmental aspects the Environmental Impacts Report should have been sent as part of the consultation pack, rather than it having to be requested?
  • If you emailed or phoned during consultation did you get the replies and answers you needed promptly and in the given time frame of 15 days? Were any emails/responses easy to understand? Did they answer your questions with clear and adequate info?
  • Whilst information points were very limited due to COVID-19, if you went to any of the information points were you able to find and obtain the materials you were looking for? Was there adequate levels of stock?
  • Did you notice any mistakes in any of the consultation materials? Did you notice any place names mis-spelt or incorrectly labelled?
  • Was it confusing and off putting that the map books have north pointing in a different angle from page to page?
  • Did you find the way the maps were cropped and positioned it was difficult to easily identify what you were looking at and to get a clear overall idea of where the route is proposed to go?
  • Did you know there were webinars being held as part of the consultation?
  • What did you think of the webinars if you attended any of them?  Was the registration process easy?  How did you feel about having to register to watch the webinar? Do you think the info provided in the webinar actually gave you any more info other than what you had already seen in the guide or online?  Did you manage to get any answers to your questions during the webinar?  Was it tricky to type your questions in the chat box whilst trying to watch and listen to the presentation?  Did you lose the questions you had typed in whilst watching the presentation at the end of the webinar before you had a chance to make a note of them (copy and paste them) to be able to then email or phone for answers if your question was not answered in the webinar?
  • Do you feel that those who are not online have been adequately consultated during this consultation?
  • Do you think that HE have been rushing the consultations?
  • Do you question why HE hadn’t even finished the Supplementary Consultation this Spring before announcing that there would be another consulation?
  • Were the two consultations this year too close together timewise?
  • HE have a duty to give fair consideration to our responses.  Do you feel that HE have taken the responses to the Supplementary Consultation into account with the changes in this Design Consultation?
  • Why did HE not wait until and combine both consultation into one, rather than create further consultation fatigue?
  • Does it confuse you as to why they are referring to LTC as an all purpose trunk road, rather than a motorway, since it will have restrictions that only traffic that can use a motorway would be able to use LTC? Why is it not just classified as a motorway?


These are not the only things you can comment on, if you think of anything else you feel is relevant and you wish to share, put it in!

Remember any updates we publish after this will be listed in STEP BY STEP UPDATES for quick reference if you wish to review and add further comments!  We just haven’t managed to get answers of some stuff still!


Well done you made it through Design Consultation 2020!

Step by step

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The other sections – Indentification questions and Equality and Diversity are not compulsory, fill in what you wish if you wish!


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