George Speaks at Chadwell-St-Mary Community Forum AGM

George @ Chadwell-St-Mary Community Forum

chadwell forum meeting

Tonight George Abbott gave a presentation to a well supported Chadwell Community Forum meeting, out lining ‘The Next Steps’.

At Chadwell today George, mentioned a two pronged approach, primarily to challenge the validity of the 2016 consultation based around a number of key points mentioned below.

The second point George made was an awareness to the fragmented approach within Thurrock which happened in the past. He went on to say, ‘To take this next step we must engage as a team, a united voice of Thurrock, to unite across party, all local MPs and Councillors, regardless of party line, with full support from Thurrock Council. We must speak the same argument and put forward a united challenge as a Borough to our Government and Highways England.’

Together the community and elected officials can engage with force and demand the outcome Thurrock people deserve.

Key points made in support of the consultation challenge (primary challenge)

  • 6 weeks into the consultation till government confirmed Option A was still on the table
  • Engineered questions relating to only Option C route 3 throughout the consultation
  • DCO’s issued to land owners within the consultation period (to be confirmed)
  • How can the voices of over 13,000 local residents be grouped as one?
  • Unfair bias given to consultation feedback outside of Essex & Kent

These are just some of the points made… for more info on our ‘united thinking’ strategy please read more from this blog post > here

Don’t forget

  • It is your right as a human being to breath clean air – demand this from your council & government.
  • Thurrock has been noted in many articles online and in print of being highly polluted
  • Thurrock Council knowledge 15 areas of poor air quality
  • Route 3 does not fix Dartford crossings congestion
  • The crossing passes by Special Needs, Primary and Secondary Schools
  • The crossing is within 500m of two care homes in Thurrock
  • The crossing passes within 500m of Chadwell Flats / Wickham Road
  • Both Ports will use the Chadwell Junction and A128 to gain access to the new road

Questions / Points Raised at the Meeting

  • What happened to the £30k allocated by Thurrock Council
  • How can we cast the information wider (ie engage with all local schools)
  • Chadwell community have raised a staggering £2000 towards the challenge fund
  • Cllr B Rice explained about COPD and the effects of pollution
  • Cllr G Rice spoke about private overseas investment
  • Jeff asked what the ‘the crossing’ team plan was and how it will be actioned.

For a copy of the meeting minutes please head over to the Chadwell Community Forum website>  here

The Thames Crossing Action Group would like to take this opportunity to thank the Forum for allowing the presentation, including the past efforts collecting signatures and the amazing amount raised in the community. It truly is an amazing demonstration of commitment by the Chadwell community, working together as a team to get the right decision!

This is how close Route 3 will pass Chadwell St Mary

Tilbury Port
Following the pylons – Route 3 will split chadwell, east & west tilbury using the little remaining farmland surrounding us.  The A128 will become dual-carriageway between Chadwell Flats and the Orsett Cock.

This will form the main route on and off Route 3 for both DP World and Tilbury Docks.
Chadwell will become sandwiched between the A1089 and Route 3.

Chadwell st Mary
Chadwell Aerial – Rob Lay