Blight and Discretionary Purchase

Blight and Discretionary Purchase some useful info

To give some insight into Blight and Discretionary Purchase.  There are many people now having to deal with the awful process of losing their home to HE due to the proposed crossing. This does not however mean this crossing has been given approval. There is a formal consultation mid 2018. (

Homes that will be hit with a Compulsory Purchase Order if the crossing goes ahead will obviously suffer blight from the day of the announcement and if people want to move but are unable to sell or unable to get a realistic price they can negotiate with HE to purchase their property.

Only those within the red line are eligible for blight currently, outside of that it’s classed as discretionary blight which currently Highways England are not accepting at this time.

If anyone is in doubt we would recommend contacting Highways England or a lawyer for further info.

At the September 2018 LTC Task Force meeting  the worry and confusion for people who have received a CPO or blight notice was raised. We were advised that residents with Home Insurance legal cover under their policy could contact their insurance provider for some advice on this issue. Citizens Advice was another route for free information and possible assistance.

Highways England Documents on Blight and Discretionary Purchase
Your property and blight

This can be downloaded from:


This can be downloaded from: