Grays Protest

Grays Protest Gathering


Friends, Families, Neighbours, Local Councillors, and our MP we Thank You for your continued support in our quest to challenge Highways England.

Impacting speeches from our Council Leader Mr. John Kent, at the Grays Protest, who reinforced a united front by all Councillors in The Borough.

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Director for Public Health @ Thurrock Council, Mr Ian Wake, spoke about current pollution levels across the Borough.  Poor air quality in Tilbury has broken EU regulations in recent years leading to higher hospital admissions. While 73 people die in Thurrock every year as a direct result of air pollution. Even worse, those already suffering COPD in Tilbury will be 25% more likely to be admitted to hospital than anywhere else in the Borough.

HE plan to surface the crossing in Tilbury, with a potential additional 78,000 vehicles per day passing through the Borough. At a location already tipping EU limits of air pollution!

Stephen Metcalfe, MP for East Thurrock & Basildon, spoke about his support for the community and in principal is against any crossing in Thurrock. However, being realistic, Mr. Metcalfe suggested a very hard challenge will be presented to us over the coming years, while HE, continue their consultation process.  It is up to us to challenge data HE provide. We need to present a valid data-driven argument that factually holds water.  We may target pollution levels and its associated problems it causes. The Governmental responsibility, their duty of care to protect our welfare. It could be 14% of traffic is not enough when huge sums of tax payers money c. £6bn could potentially be spent.

This will not be a short term fight, the people of Thurrock should unite. No matter where you are from in Thurrock, this new road and crossing will effect each and everyone of us – now is the time to get involved.

We will not lay down

A common saying many of you speak ‘they will do what they want regardless of what we say’.

We believe different!

We believe the Government can’t ignore so many high-profile issues the Borough already faces today.  Therefore, we have many reasons in our defense to pose a challenge.  We aren’t the type of people who go into a restaurant and let the chef decide what we will eat, do you?

This group isn’t here just to say no for the fun of it. There are many factual reasons to our protest… over the coming months this blog will highlight the information and present it to you all in a way everyone can understand.

After all, we are just normal people worried about our well being who are willing to challenge Government decisions.. as they are only human and can also make mistakes!

Watch the video’s taken at Sundays Protest Gathering in Grays

Watch the Grays Protest Speeches Here

Video Timing (mins)
0 – George opening (Thurrock Resident)
2.45 – Ian Wake (Director of Public Health)
8.07 – Stephen Metcalfe (East Thurrock & Basildon MP)
11.50 – John Kent (Council Leader)



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